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About Us


Mission Support Services, Inc.formerly known as Service Ministry, Inc. – is the leading provider of outsourced business solutions to many schools, parishes and companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.


The company’s mission – carried on from its beginnings then, as Service Ministry, Inc. - has always been to help its many customers achieve uncommon goals through cost effective leadership in the management of all areas of Finance (Accounting – in compliance with GAAP, Bookkeeping), Strategic Planning, Membership Management, Information Technology and Facilities.


Our Story


Mission Support Services, Inc. found its beginnings back in 1995, as Service Ministry, Inc. 


Then known as Service Ministry, Inc., its goal was to facilitate the effective and efficient management of the local non-profit resources:  Seeking to bridge the gap between the non-profits and its constituents.


Based in San Jose, California, the company was founded by the young and energetically visionary David Bruce.  He sought impetus from the opportunity to improve the business systems within the non-profit community.  Back then, he similarly recognized the timeliness of integrating the necessary technical infrastructure to bring churches, schools and small businesses to an elevated level of doing business today.


Having seen the growth of the company over time and building not only its client base, but strengthening its service offering, too, David Bruce decided to position the company for a further upswing in business growth and profits.  He sought to expand by attracting competitive opportunity through delimiting his business name. 


He renamed the company and re-introduced it to the market as Mission Support Services, Inc. in November 2003:  Now hoping to strengthen the competitive position of the company in the ever-growing market of non-profits.


Thus, Service Ministry, Inc. was re-introduced and re-named in November 2003 as Mission Support Services, Inc.


Service Ministry Inc. has since changed its name to Mission Support Services, Inc. As Mission Support Services, Inc. continues to build on the vision of leadership in the provision of outsourced, customized business solutions for the churches, schools and small businesses...non-profits around the San Francisco Bay Area.




David Bruce

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


David Bruce - Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mission Support Services, Inc. -continues the legacy he began in 1995 and built over time – Service Ministry, Inc.


He continues the spirit of service and the service for non-profits in his newly renamed company, Mission Support Services, Inc.


In his current role, Mr. Bruce is responsible for the overall growth of the company, generating new business and overseeing the general business operations of his long-time commitment: the vision of strengthening the infrastructure of non-profits through the provision of professional grade support in the key areas of Management, Accounting, Information Technology and Facilities.


The Church has always had a profound influence on the life of David Bruce.  Growing up in South Africa, his experience was that of a Church that involved ALL the people – each working together towards a common goal.  Having later migrated to the United States, he realized that there was no such effective mechanism for decision making at the local level for the effective and efficient utilization of the Church’s ever growing resources – human, physical and financial. 


Seeing this need, he determined to build a solid base of support through the conception of his new company in 1995, Service Ministry, Inc.


Over time, he successfully steered the direction of the company...building the service offering of his carefully chosen and competent staff.  Entering into key areas such as strategic Management Planning, Accounting, Information Technology, Administration and Facilities, his expertise and acumen for dependable leadership grew steadily.  He was exposed to a richly encompassing variety of customer account needs and situations that helped him to develop over time an uncanny understanding and appreciation of the organizations he served.


The business acumen and strategic skill set of David Bruce was ready for more challenges.  Thus, he decided to rename his company as Mission Support Services, Inc.  He sought now to build and broaden the base of operations for the company.


The services, clients and “soul’ of the company – Service Ministry, Inc. – continues strong as ever now at Mission Support Services, Inc.  The disciplined delivery of the company’s services, the institutionalization of its processes and the timely development of strategic directions add yet more assuring aspects to doing business with the company of this young and persistent leader.


The company, now known as Mission Support Services, Inc., continues to grow dimensions in business to suit the ever changing needs of the customer in the highly competitive marketplace.  To build productivity, the clients’ evolving needs are addressed in a timely fashion.  The commitment is there.  Solid as a rock.


This brilliant evolution of the company, from Service Ministry, Inc. to Mission Support Services, Inc. is proof that in service, there can be no boundaries.  The Spirit of Service lives on.

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