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Mission Support Services, Inc. is committed to delivering superior customer service and support to its growing list of customers.  A dedicated and experienced team seeks to continually provide highly professional business solutions for companies that seek an alternative to full time staffing in the key areas of their business structure.

The work that our company provides allows our many customers the ability to concentrate and focus their core efficiencies in their area of competence.  We take pride in our ability to take full charge of our areas of defined responsibility and service offering.

Our services encompass strategic areas of support, more specifically:


       Business and Financial Management

o        Strategic Business and Financial Planning

o        Management Reporting

o        Budgeting

o        Cash Analysis

o        Construction Planning and Financing

o        Facilitation of Volunteer Finance Committees


       Membership Management Newest tool towards building stronger, more effective relationships with Parishioners and the community

o        Pledge Management



o        All levels of compliance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Procedure)

o        Financial Reporting The preparation of Financial Statements as a basis of Management Reporting for strategic Business and Financial Planning

o        Bookkeeping QuickBooks


       Information Technology and Systems Administration Building effective IT Systems to suit customer business needs

o        Analysis of IT needs Hardware and Software

         Inclusive of building Bill of Requirements

o        Purchase of System

o        Implementation support for Users

o        Quality Management of Systems


         Corrective Action


       Payroll Administration

       Office Administration

       Facilities Management

o        Janitorial

o        Landscaping

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 Mission Support Services, Inc.
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